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About Reid Roofer Glasgow

Reid Roof pledge to provide their services at every stage of the project - from co-conception right through to maintenance.

We provide help with design packages that help visualise your build as well as contract drawings, CDM regulation.

We have qualified personnel that will cover every aspect of your contracts.

Thanks to years of experience, most systems can be utilised to suit your needs.


Roof Cladding in Glasgow

  • Standing Seam Systems
  • Composite Systems
  • Built-up Systems
  • Membrane Systems

Bespoke Architectural Systems

  • Bespoke Architectural Systems & Features

Rainscreen Systems

  • Rainscreen Systems
  • Produce/Transparent Panels

Gutter and Drainage

  • Membrane Gutters
  • Hydro Flow Gutters
  • Trimline Gutters
  • Extruded Gutters

  • Roof & Cladding Inspection & Repair
  • Guttering & Drainage Inspection & Repair